Troops of Deception a mature gaming clan for the battlefield series
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 Joining TOD

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PostSubject: Joining TOD   Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:49 am

u want to join =T.O.D= ?,
just create a new topic here in this forum with "your game name Application" as the title
and use this template

First Name: Ghost is sooo lazy!!!!!

Last Name:

Game Name:

Xfire Name:

Male or Female:

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):

Email Address:


BF2142 Rank:

Infantry or titan(Or both):

Favourite Maps:

Favourite Kit/Weapons:

Skill Level (1=worse, 10=Best):

Previous Clans(If any):

What made you leave your last Clan?(Again if any):

How did you hear of us?:

Donations** (how often?):

Make training? (days tbc):

How often do you play?:

What benefits will you give the Clan?:

What do you like about our Clan?:


If you choose not to disclose some information, we understand but please try to fill in all the sections, or if not, give a reason for not filling in a particular section.

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Joining TOD
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